Comprehensive List of Everything Each Bride Must Know About Wedding Ceremony

Even when you hire a wedding planner, it is a must that you still need to have an idea regarding the comprehensive list of everything each bride must know about wedding ceremony. Here is some of the list that you should know:

wedding torontoBe organized

Having a wedding ceremony means you need to pour out all of your organization talent. Most brides commit a wedding blunder because they themselves are not organized. In a wedding planning stage, everything works out on a schedule so it is a must that you have a planning notebook where everything is listed. To inspire you more, you can fill in the notebook of some magazine inspirations.

Bridesmaids selection

After your engagement, make sure that the first thing you need to handle is picking the bridesmaids. Bridesmaids have special roles on your wedding. They can help you organize the wedding event together with your wedding planner. With your bridesmaids’ help, you can be able to iron the every detail of your wedding. You can even give out some assignments to them. Not only that, your bridesmaids could also provider emotional assistance to the bride.


You cannot get wed without your carefully chosen ensemble. These bridal elements start with the dress, shoes, accessories, veil, ring, and many more. When you pick your ensemble, it should be organized as well. Make sure that you are following a certain theme so that there is a unifying factor to everything that you wear. Also, request your bridesmaids to attend the final fitting so that they could see how you look. In this way, they could also pattern their dresses and style to yours.


This is the time that you are going to meet all of your in-laws. Be sure that you also organize this part well because after the chapel and reception rehearsal, there is a short dinner that you and your partner will host. In this moment, you can give away some of the gifts to your bridesmaids to say thank you. After the dinner, you and your husband will have some moments as well. You can present him your wedding gift.

Wedding day

This day is your day so you don’t need to be stressed out. If you are thinking about the flowers, the food, the arrangement of your catering, the guests and many more, make sure that you free yourself of these things. The last thing you need to worry about is taking care of small things.

The reception is a very dynamic place so make sure that you socialize with your guests. If you have a receiving line, you can sit there and entertain people who want to extend their greetings.

Knowing the flow of your own wedding planning stage is really important. You cannot entrust everything to your planner. In a way, you still need to get your hand on the job. The comprehensive list of everything each bride must know about wedding ceremony above will help you monitor the process of your bridal preparation. For more tips and tricks about wedding planning, visit leading bridal directory online.